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Welcome to "The Divine Collection" exhibition, a thought-provoking exploration of divinity and the human experience. This unique exhibition challenges societal judgments by showcasing the beauty and grace of pole dancers in an unexpected venue: a strip club. Through my vibrant paintings, I aim to convey the message that every individual, regardless of their chosen profession or the spaces they inhabit, possesses a divine essence.


Check out eventbrite for all information and to book your tickets. 

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With each bespoke piece by K.Y.K, taking 100's of hours to create there can only be 12 commissions all year.

There will only ever be 12 paintings commissioned in this collection before the artist transitions onto the next cycle. Here is how you can apply to be one of those 12 commissions.


How we select 12 pieces. 

With the launch of her new collection K.Y.K will select the most authentic & inspiring pieces. So if you are looking for a commission tell us your story, what you would like to capture in the piece and why this piece will inspire you and others to see their Divinity.

Please remember we are all Divine. Your story has the ability to inspire and transform the lives of others - even if you don't believe it. By sharing your story with us it can also create an opportunity to realise your own Divinity & how far you have come by overcoming adversity, challenges and societal pressures.    

How Much ?

The cost of a commission is £1,200 (payment plans are available)

Commissions by KYK usually begin at £2,500+ - however for this collection the artist has opened 12 spaces for those who really wish to share their story. 

If you are chosen by the artist you will be contacted to attend the exhibition in Glasgow in August 2023 (if you can make it), where you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Divine collection experience, meet like minded people and gain inspiration for your piece.

The final 12 pieces will be chosen by July 2023. Find the application process below.


The Perfect Gift

If you would like to treat yourself for a special occasion or to treat someone you love we can write your message on the back of the canvas as a reminder of that special moment in time treasured forever.  Send your request below and I wish you all the best of luck for being chosen. 

The Process

Selected commissions from our applicants will be contacted before the Divine exhibition (August) and asked to attend.


At this point a deposit of £300 is required to secure your piece and a date booked with KYK to discuss your Commision in more detail and an expected date of completion. Your painting is guaranteed to be painted within 10 months of paying your deposit. If painting is for a special occaissaion and would be preffabaly completed by that date please let us know in the application box below and I will do my best to try and accommodate. This will be acknowledged if possible before deposit is payed. 

Collections Inspiration

 We are all DEVINE.

We are all humans and we are all doing our best to live as authenitclaly as we can. That is what I want to celebrate. Without judgment. In the same way that every single pole dancer dances for different reasons specific to them, each and everyone of us dances the dance of life in the best way we know how. If we aren't harming others we should be able to do our dance to figure out our journey wihtout judgment from those that dont understand our path. Soemtimes we get it wrong, every pole dancer has slipped down the pole, but that doesnt mean they arent pole dancing,  in the same way that every person messes up sometimes but it doesnt meanwe aren't living.  how can we judge others when they do something that doesn't align with our vision of how life shouls be when them falling of the pole doesnt bruise our body just theirs. Until we decide we want to take up pole of course. Then bruises are inevitable but oh boy you get stronger right. So many discussions to be had, so many perspectives to be seen. That is what this collection is all about.

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