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on finding a KYK original artwork


Divine Art Exhibition to celebrate the Divine Light within all of us. 


7th Heaven 

15 Elmbank Gardens

Glasgow G2 4NQ


Saturday 30th September 4-8pm


In our society, individuals working as strippers and pole dancers often endure harsh judgments from those who exist outside of their world. This has prompted me to reflect on our tendency to hastily pass judgment on others without truly understanding their unique narratives. More significantly, it serves as a mirror to the way we often critique ourselves. This exhibition seeks to honor the inherent, radiant essence within each of us. It endeavors to convey the idea that when we embrace and accept ourselves for who we are, we discover the divinity that resides within us all.


I'm K.Y.K (Karis Yves Knight), an artist from Glasgow.


My creative journey began in the field of Occupational Therapy, where I had a profound realization: art could be a powerful medium to facilitate self-acceptance and the healing process. It was during this transformative period that my personal mantra, 'Life is Dark Enough Add Colour,' emerged. This mantra serves as a guiding principle, motivating me to craft art that encourages introspection into the shadows within ourselves and our society. Ultimately, my mission is to infuse more joy and love into our lives through the colorful expressions of art.

Kheanna painting .jpg
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