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Do you have a story that needs to be heard?


We invite women from Glasgow and beyond to

be a part of our project, "Unfiltered."


At LYKA, Lydia and KYK are seeking brave

individuals who are willing to share their unfiltered

stories, stripped of makeup and expectations.

We believe that true beauty lies in authenticity

and vulnerability.


What's involved?


1. Share your story: Let us be the canvas for your narrative. Speak your truth and let us capture your raw essence.


2. Painted portraits: We will transform your story into a visual masterpiece. Witness the power of art as we reflect your unique journey through our brushes.


3. Video sessions: Your story deserves to be seen and heard. We will capture your interview and share it on social media, creating a platform for connection and understanding.


Remember, we are all human, and we all have our flaws and struggles. But these experiences make us resilient, beautiful, and worthy of celebration.


To be a part of this empowering initiative, contact us with a little bot about your story:


Lydia & KYK from LYKA

Email: or

Phone: 07368657322 or 07542823769


Unveil your unfiltered truth and let it inspire others. Join us in celebrating the artistry of our collective stories.

Embrace Your Raw Story and True Beauty

Join LYKA's Community Project

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