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Hello, nice to meet you; 

Hello and welcome to my corner of the world wide web.
My name is Karis Yves Knight better known as KYK.

  I am an artist based in the heart of bonnie Scotland. Through my artwork, I want to bring a little more good to this world.
My journey didn't begin as an artist but through studying Occupatioal Therapy in Glasgow.

As it was 2020, in the midst of Covid, as I am sure you can imagine this placement was not an easy experience. It made me reflect majorly on my practice. I love humans! I found when working in this role I was not able to engage with people in the way I wanted to, and give them the time they deserved. As I said, this was in the middle of Covid lockdown which had a lot to do with this rush in the hospital at the time.

The relationship between a therapist and a patient is always going to come with barriers. Yet I am so thankful for my education as this is where I became aware of how amazing and multifaceted we are as humans. 

It is this that I am to explore through my art work. Redefining our strength as humans. Our society pushes to go against our natural instincts and we spend very little time just being. Explore my website to find out about the current projects I am working on . 

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